Cool It, Carol!. Image shows from L to R: Carol Thatcher (Janet Lynn), Joe Sickles (Robin Askwith). Copyright: Pete Walker Films.

Cool It, Carol!

1970 British comedy film about a young couple moving to London. Stars Robin Askwith, Janet Lynn, Jess Conrad, Derek Aylward, Kenneth Hendel and others.

Cool It Carol!

Cool It Carol!

Joe Sickles (Robin Askwith) and Carol Thatcher (Janet Lynn) decide to leave their small village and head down to London for work.

Joe fails to find any work but Janet enrols as a fashion model. As the naïve couple begin to enjoy the nightlife of London they are drawn ever deeper into a world of drink, pornography, drugs and prostitution. Their decline into the seedy side of London's nightlife takes them into swinging parties, immoral earnings and filmmaking; threatening to push them over the edge.

Will the couple continue on the path of no return... or can they find a way out of their nightmare?

First released: Monday 20th October 2008

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