Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life

Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life

Richard Herring's Meaning Of Life. Episode 2 - The Paranormal

RHMOL #2: The Paranormal. Richard takes on ghosts, ghoulies and Nostradamuses and tries to find out the truth about the paranormal. Was Joanna Lumley's house haunted? Why did Doubting Thomas doubt Jesus' resurrection after he'd seen him do all those other miracles? Who was Spring-heeled Jack? Can biscuits tell us the future? With author of Paranormality, Professor Richard Wiseman, on hand to discuss these phenomena from a scientific viewpoint. But can science ever truly explain why an old woman tried to strangle Richard Herring in his sleep? Yes it can, apparently.

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Date: 22nd April   Length: 37 mins   Size: 34.03mb

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