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Andrew Collins and Richard Herring Welcome to the Andrew Collings (Andrew Collins) and Richard Herrin (Richard Herring) podcasts in which we deliver our own sideways look at the news. Our fervent wish is to recreate our now legendary news reviews from Andrew's now-defunct BBC 6 Music show, except without the indie records interrupting us, and without the need to temper the content for fear of offending a Sunday afternoon radio audience.

Podcast 167:

No preamble. Podcast 167 comes exactly 21 weeks after Podcast 166, due to philosophical differences. Here we are again. Same attic, same settee, same hardware, same mugs, same lighting, less clutter, slightly different feng shui, nothing to prove, and arguably too much to talk about, and argue about. Does it work? Only you can decide.

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Date: 4th November   Length: 71 mins   File size: 64.8mb   Show Page

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