Collings & Herrin. Image shows from L to R: Andrew Collins, Richard Herring

Collings & Herrin: Podcast 157

A new dawn for the Collings & Herrin podcast: 157 has been recorded on a Tascam DR-100 portable digital recorder (pictured, tipping its black foam hat), which Richard bought online in the middle of the night while on tour and which came with a free 6'x3' snooker table. Whether we should have had the new machine switched to UNI or OMNI is still a moot point, but hopefully not a mute point, eh, audiophiles? Let us know what you think of our new direction, which, this week, is mainly about catching up on the last three weeks - which is the longest we've ever been apart since March 2008, before which, of course, we were nearly always apart. So, it's Richard's conditioner nightmare, the Zion Baptist protests and Andrew's Andrew Collins Twitter name tropical storm story, perhaps his finest since Lion Man.

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  • Published: 5th April 2011
  • Length: 68 mins
  • Size: 125mb

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