Turn Out The Lights. Leonard Swindley (Arthur Lowe). Image credit: Granada Television.

Turn Out The Lights

Leonard Swindley, having been sacked from Dobson and Hawks, sets out with his previous manager in a ghost-hunting venture

1967  (ITV)
6 (1 series)
Arthur Lowe, Robert Dorning
Anthony Skene, Peter Eckersley, Kenneth Cope, John Finch, Stanley Hearn
Granada Television

Leonard Swindley has been unceremoniously sacked from Dobson and Hawks. Becoming interested in astrology, he and ex-store manager Walter Hunt soon find themselves sleuthing in the world of spooks and spirits.

Our Review: This second sitcom offering - albeit mixing light drama in its 55-minute episodes (including adverts) - from the character that started life in Coronation Street, was not as successful as had been hoped after the popularity of Pardon The Expression. Nevertheless, the series premise was an original idea at the time, and made some twenty years before Hollywood would catch on to the concept of ghost hunting.

Sadly, all episodes from the series are missing from ITV's archives - surely a great disservice to one of the era's greatest comic actors (Arthur Lowe), and equally to the lineage of one of Britain's most enduring and popular television series, the long-running soap opera Coronation Street.