Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor. Karen Taylor. Image credit: Avalon Television.

Touch Me, I'm Karen Taylor

Sketch show co-written by and starring Karen Taylor

Sketch Show
2006 - 2008  (BBC Three)
14 (pilot + 2 series)
Karen Taylor, Anna Crilly, Jalaal Hartley, Lawry Lewin, Clare Warde, Ruth Bratt, Carli Norris, Kate Robbins, Alice Connor, Souad Faress, Greg Nuby
Karen Taylor, John Camm, Kitty Flanagan, Brenda Gilhooly, George Jeffrie, Lawry Lewin, Will Maclean, Tony MacMurray, Karl Minns, John Roy, Bert Tyler-Moore
Avalon Television

BBC Three sketch show which offers "a raunchy look at modern life - as seen through Karen's own irreverent and lascivious eyes".

Characters include desperate, divorced school teacher Miss Harper who takes a less than healthy interest in her strapping male students and At Home with The Smithsons, a spoof fly-on-the-wall reality show featuring former stripper Joanna and her 80-year-old husband.

The second series returns with more saucy humour and no-nonsense satire. Favourites including Cash Cow, the £5-a-minute late-night phone-in quiz, and Glamorama, the WAG-styled current affairs show tackling hard-hitting issues, return.

Our Review: There's some great ideas in this sketch show - unfortunately, like many BBC Three sketch series these are completely bogged down and hidden by a larger weight of very average sketches that are repeated week-in, week-out in various and ever-more boring guises.

German audiences will soon be able to see many sketches from this show in their own language when RTL re-makes the show for that country with German comedienne Mirja Boes taking Karen's role.