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A great sense of freedom is gained from watching The Last Leg as politics is opened up to the wider public in a way that, for once, isn't entirely depressing. I hope it continues to work its stupid magic for years to come.

Written by Becca Moody. Moody Comedy, 7th March 2015

Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe have got Friday night satire right; matey instead of aloof, heartfelt instead of withering; and, because the presenters visibly enjoy each other's company and aren't competing, far less stilted than such a heavily scripted show ought to be. They don't feel like part of the well-oiled daily debate machine, so their points stick and miracles happen: viewers' tweets aren't annoying! Nick Clegg looked human when he was on! Sarah Millican guests as another annoyingly short series ends.

Jack Seale, The Guardian, 27th February 2015

Adam Hills, the presenter of The Last Leg, an anarchic chat show that recently played host to the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, reviews his appearance.

Written by Adam Hills. The New Statesman, 10th February 2015

Alex Brooker's Channel 4 encounter with Nick Clegg was a model of how to talk normally to a politician - and make them talk normally back.

Written by Hugo Rifkind. The Spectator, 5th February 2015

I could not have been more sceptical about the idea of Nick Clegg appearing on Adam Hills' The Last Leg (Channel 4, Friday) to supposedly shake young voters out of their apathy. It turned out to be a joy to watch.

Russell Brand he ain't. But Clegg has something else: a genuine self-consciousness that translates into humility. He is a bit of a wally. But he is a well-meaning wally. When asked to rate, on a scale of one to 10 how bad he felt about tuition fees (one = "no regrets", 10 = "can't sleep at night"), his sheepish "nine and a half" got him a round of applause.

The cynical take? "Trying out his post-election career," tweeted @richbu1. Whatever Clegg was doing, he aced it. Bang on, as the presenters of The Last Leg would say.

Viv Groskop, The Guardian, 2nd February 2015

It could have been a TV disaster waiting to happen - but Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg certainly didn't disgrace himself during his guest appearance on The Last Leg.

Written by Caroline Westbrook. Metro, 30th January 2015

Nick Clegg's turn on The Last Leg tonight is quite unusual. The Liberal Democrat leader has picked up the gauntlet thrown down by the presenters of the topical comedy show two weeks ago.

Written by Alice Jones. The Independent, 30th January 2015

This the best sort of yearly review: one which takes place after the whole year has taken place, because you never know what sort of events are going to take place on the last few days of the year... and indeed something did happen which caused a bit of conflict between host Adam Hills and the viewers.

Written by Ian Wolf. On The Box, 5th January 2015

Comedian and The Last Leg presenter Adam Hills last went viral with his tirade against the Westboro Baptist Church. His rant against their British equivalent, Katie Hopkins, deserves to do just as well.

The Independent, 5th January 2015

The genial triumvirate of Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdicombe present a special New Year edition of The Last Leg, looking at the noteworthy news stories of the past year. There will be a dick of the year award, which - in a pleasing display of democracy at work - viewers will be able to vote on, while their trademark "is it okay?" question will be joined by "will it be okay?", looking ahead at that grey area of good and bad taste for 2015. The trio will be joined in the studio by bashful polymath Richard Ayoade.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 19th December 2014

Josh Widdicombe has said that he didn't think anyone would watch The Last Leg.

Written by Frances Taylor. Digital Spy, 13th August 2014

A year on from my last chat with him, I caught up with Alex Brooker to find out what the past year has been like for him.

Written by Elliot Gonzalez. I Talk Telly, 7th August 2014

The Australian standup comedian Adam Hills is back for a new series of his topical-and-comical review show. He's joined once more by his co-hosts, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker as they take on the news agenda of the last seven days, and apply some levity and jokes to the mix. Offering their insight on the significant news moments of the week alongside them will be celebrity guests (mostly other comics and TV presenters). As usual, they also answer the most pressing question of all: "Is it OK?"

Bim Adewunmi, The Guardian, 1st August 2014

Adam Hills on the surprise success of The Last Leg: "In 2012 I was meant to be in England for six or seven weeks, doing The Fringe, and then I was going to hang around and do a few more gigs and then come home. And then I was offered ten nights of doing The Last Leg during the Paralympics, and I thought "Okay, we'll give that a crack and then we'll go back to Australia." And then before we'd even finished the Paralympics, Channel 4 were talking to me, saying "How long can you stay around for, what would you like to do?"

We never thought The Last Leg would become a series. It just felt so intrinsically tied to the Paralympics that there's no way it would survive on its own. When Channel 4 said they wanted to keep it going, but for it to be a topical show, we were really hesitant. We just thought we'd give it a crack and see what happened. And now, I don't know how many series we've done, but we've got another one in August, and probably another couple next year. It's become a regular thing. And it's also broadcast in Australia, which is something I love."

Adam Hills, Channel 4, 22nd May 2014

The team behind hit Channel 4 chat show The Last Leg may play some live dates later this year.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond the Joke, 24th February 2014

Adam Hills, Josh Widdecombe and Alex Brooker return for a new series of the enjoyable if slightly vague weekly round-up show. It all went a bit good-natured Top Gear when London 2012 finished. Finally, they have the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics to look forward to, giving proceedings a renewed sports focus. Hills and co should also include a weekly "gay propaganda" item to make up for the shortfall created by Russia's legislation. It's only fair. Elsewhere, Brooker continues on his quest to compete in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 31st January 2014

This is the show that started out as a late-night sidebar to the 2012 Paralympics and proved so popular it took on a life of its own.

This is also the show that says it's OK laugh at disability provided, that is, those jokes are made within the parameters of a fiendishly sensitive, unwritten set of rules with question one being: "Are you Frankie Boyle?" And question two being: "Is your name Jim Davidson?"

As a rule of thumb, if you can count up to 20 using your fingers and toes, don't even think about trying to join in yourself.

With regular panellist Alex Brooker out in Austria presenting The Jump, comedian Micky Flanagan joins host Adam Hills and Josh Widdicombe for the start of the new series.

Last year, Adam ­memorably remarked: "Getting angry at Jim Davidson because he doesn't know how to talk about disability is like getting angry at a dog for not knowing how to use the internet." There's a good chance the show might work up a nice head of steam about Davidson winning Celebrity Big Brother.

Jane Simon, The Mirror, 31st January 2014

Adam Hills talks 'taches, TV stars and why he's joining the hairy masses in the month of Movember.

Written by Adam Hills. The Big Issue, 19th November 2013

Alex Brooker, one of the three presenters of Channel 4's The Last Leg, speaks to Ouch.

BBC Ouch, 15th October 2013

British Paralympic gold medallist and double leg amputee, Richard Whitehead MBE played the first ever game of moving movie charades with The Last Leg presenters re-enacting famous film scenes.

Channel 4, 19th September 2013

The comedian co-presenters of The Last Leg chat to one another about shifting from Paralympics highlights show to primetime weekly news round-up.

Time Out, 3rd September 2013

'Save the Badger Badger Badger' has reached as high as number 39 at the time of writing (August 30).

Written by Tim Eames. Digital Spy, 30th August 2013

This news-comedy show was the unexpected star of the 2012 Paralympic Games: led by comedian Adam Hills, its irreverent round-up of the day's events won a following all of its own. So much so that it came back earlier this year, not to comment on sport but simply on the week's news. That's a crowded marketplace, in which The Last Leg has found a niche.

Along with the wry, sideways, irreverent looks at some of the quirkier stories you might have missed, there's a convivial and inclusive atmosphere that softens the sharpness of the gags - the first 2013 series was best known for a piece to camera in which Adam Hills eviscerated US comedian Joan Rivers, but he was doing it because Rivers had made fat gags about Adele. That's The Last Leg all over: right-on, usually spot-on and brightly funny.

Hills is flanked by co-hosts Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker. Tonight's guest: Russell Brand.

Jack Seale, Radio Times, 31st July 2013

A new series of The Last Leg with genial hosts Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker. As per the show's remit, they will be discussing and trading witticisms over the past seven days' news. There will also be the usual studio challenges, along with the latest details of Brooker's quest to get himself into the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio. This is followed by My Perfect Body, in which Brooker aims to lose 2st and gain a six-pack, while looking at the thorny issue of body image among men.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 31st July 2013

Enough of the try-hard 'casual' pictures - it's time we reclaimed our own image. Show us your real self: on the sofa, in your tracksuit.

Written by Adam Hills. The Guardian, 17th July 2013

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