Pulling. Image shows from L to R: Karen (Tanya Franks), Louise (Rebekah Staton), Donna (Sharon Horgan). Image credit: Silver River.


BBC Three sitcom about three thirty-something single female flatmates starring Sharon Horgan, Tanya Franks and Rebekah Staton

2006 - 2009  (BBC Three)
13 (2 series)
Sharon Horgan, Tanya Franks, Rebekah Staton, Cavan Clerkin, Juliet Cowan, David Armand, Andrew Brooke, Paul Kaye, Alex Macqueen
Sharon Horgan, Dennis Kelly
Silver River

Series one of Pulling starts as Donna ditches her slightly beige and boring fiance Karl, just days before their wedding. This unceremonious rejection catapults Karl head-first into a spiral of suicidal depression.

After her break up, Donna moves in with single friends, Karen and Louise, in Penge. So it's the three girls together, sharing the most exciting years of their lives. Well, almost...

It turns out being single again isn't as fun as it first looked to Donna. She is soon wishing she was back with Karl... however, her ex has now recovered from his breakdown and is moving on with his life without her!

Our Review: This is one of those dark comedies which attempts to make you laugh by putting the characters in depressing, unfortunate or embarrassing situations and then saying "hey, look, your life isn't as bad as these people's - feel happy". The thing is, this one really works!

Pulling is a spot-on reflection of how bleak life can be when you're desperately trying to find you way through life and relationships.

We must admit that, first time around, series one of Pulling didn't really catch our eye; but, when re-watching it on repeat, it dawned on us that one of the best new sitcoms for a long time was hiding under the layers of darkness.

This sitcom is packed full of great writing, acting and very funny scenes (like Donna going to see her boss to ask for a pay rise, only for it to transpire that, due to a mistake, she was actually being over-paid).

Series two not only picked up where the first left off, but pushed things further still - we absolutely loved it!

In what must be one of the worst commissioning decisions of the decade, BBC Three controller Danny Cohen decided to axe the show despite the growing audience share and critical praise the show picked up. What an idiot.

As a result of this monumentally bad decision, the show has ended with one final, sublime 60 minute special.

We're still living in hope that BBC Four will spot Danny Cohen's mistake and somehow find the money to allow the show to transfer channels and continue.