Pets. Trevor. Image credit: Fit 2 Fill Productions.


A cult adult puppet sitcom revolving around the lives of four badly behaved animals

2001  (Channel 4)
27 (pilot + 2 series)
Ian Angus Wilkie, Andrew Barclay, Sally Elsden, Petros Emanual
Andrew Barclay, Brian West
Fit 2 Fill Productions

Pets looks at the lives of four animals living together in the same house. There is Hamish, a large, well spoken, red setter dog, who sees himself as something of an intellectual. Then there's Trevor, a pervert and foul-mouthed cockney bulldog who is forever reading pornography or humping the furniture.

Also, there is Davina, a Persian blue cat who is addicted to drugs, is rude to everyone and is constantly planning to do something to her boyfriend Vince when he arrives back home. Lastly, there is JP the bald parrot, who lives in a little world of his own.

Our Review: This series is not for everyone, but if you like your comedy a bit risque, then you may well like this series. Pets did not get a good outing when it was first shown on late-night Channel 4, but the series is becoming increasingly popular now due to it being available to download for free via sites like iTunes.

The series is now also popular in other parts of the world such as Australia, Italy and the Middle East. In Italy, the Pets even got their own chatshow on MTV.