Odd One In. Image shows from L to R: Bradley Walsh, Jason Manford, Peter Andre. Image credit: Zeppotron.

Odd One In

Bradley Walsh hosts this ITV1 comedy panel show, with regular panellists Peter Andre and Jason Manford

Panel Show
2010 - 2011  (ITV)
16 (2 series)
Bradley Walsh, Peter Andre, Jason Manford
Les Keen

Peter Andre and Jason Manford team up for ITV1's comedy game show Odd One In, hosted by Bradley Walsh.

Odd One In sees two celebrity teams go head to head to pick the person who has a unique skill or secret in a series of weird and wonderful line ups.

Each week, Bradley challenges Peter and Jason, on the Home Team and a different celebrity duo to battle it out and guess the various 'Odd One Ins'.

But how will the teams fare when they are faced with line ups which includes a man who claims to have wed a tropical plant? and a piglet, a teenager and 94 year old women who all claim to be a real gilder pilot?

Both Jason and Peter's Home Team and the opposing celebrity Away Team ask series of questions to try and determine who in each line up has the odd skill, talent or secret.

During Series 1, members of the live studio audience played along throughout the show. The audience member with the most correct answers in the shortest time joins Bradley for a final line up and a chance to win a £5,000 cash prize.

Our Review: Odd One In is produced by Zeppotron, the leading production company behind many of our top panel shows, including Would I Lie To You? - as a result, the format behind this show is - as you would expect - simple but strong. In short: the teams have to guess the real person from a line-up of pretenders. For example, in one round the teams must try and work out who is the real nun from a line-up of five people all wearing habits.

It's a bit like the identity parade round in Never Mind The Buzzcocks actually, but in this show the line-up can answer back, and what the teams are looking for is quite varied (for example, in one of the rounds the teams must work out who married a pineapple).

It's undeniably compelling trying to work out who isn't the imposter in each line-up and full credit must be given to some excellent extras who all do their best to fool the panellists.