Let There Be Love. Image shows from L to R: Judy (Nanette Newman), Timothy Love (Paul Eddington). Image credit: Thames Television.

Let There Be Love

Timothy Love is a confirmed bachelor but when he meets Judy he is willing to give up his individualism for her - and her 3 children ... and dog

1982 - 1983  (ITV)
12 (2 series)
Paul Eddington, Nanette Newman, Henry McGee, Stephen Nolan, Ian Morrison, Claudia Gambold, Elspeth March, John Welsh
Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke
Thames Television

Timothy Love is a confirmed bachelor and has everything he needs at his fingertips. He is a successful businessman, has money in the bank and a choice of girlfriends when ever he needs company. So why, when he meets Judy, should he be hearing the sound of wedding bells? Judy has three children and a dog, but there is something about her that Timothy believes he can forsake his individuality for.

Our Review: A humdrum, middle-class sitcom that was in plentiful supply in the 1970s and 19890s. The star had endeared himself to viewers in Yes Minister and The Good Life but this traditional sitcom role seemed uncomfortable for him. The writers appeared to give a vote of no confidence in the series as well, abandoning the final four episodes to other people as they were seperately engaged on more popular ventures at the time - Brian Cooke with Keep It In The Family and Johnnie Mortimer with Never The Twain.