Episode 1.6

Gillian and Robbie grow closer while Alan calls the wedding off, in an emotional conclusion to the series. But can Celia rise to the occasion, face her demons and get Alan back?

In-Depth Episode Synopsis

Warning: the below synopsis may contain spoilers

Celia reacts badly to John's revelation that Caroline's gay. When Caroline comes to try and talk to Celia about it the next day, Alan is struck and disappointed by Celia's lack of warmth, kindness or understanding towards her daughter.

Caroline invites Celia and Alan to dinner to meet Kate, and Alan persuades a reluctant Celia to go. Celia makes no effort and speaks bluntly to Kate. Caroline takes Celia aside and their row can be heard at the table.

Celia twists something Caroline said about Kate and Kate gets the wrong end of the stick. She leaves feeling humiliated. Everything between her and Caroline is over. Alan is sad and embarrassed that Celia has no misgivings about the damage she's caused.

Over at Gillian's farm, Robbie has been invited for dinner too. Gillian is warming to the idea of them making a go of it together, despite the fact that she pulled Caroline's husband last night.

Alan returns to Halifax, crushed. He tells Gillian that he and Celia have reached the end of the line. It's all over. Back in Harrogate a devastated Celia blames Caroline for ruining the one thing that has given her happiness. Caroline's livid and tells Celia some terrible home truths. Friendless Celia hits rock bottom and is made to face her demons.

The next day Celia goes to the farm only to learn that Alan's had a heart attack. Gillian tells her it's bad; he's not expected to recover. A distraught Celia keeps a vigil by his bedside, but has she now lost her soul mate forever?

Episode Notes

This episode was dedicated to Alec Walker, 1929 - 2009.

First Broadcast Details

Wed 19th December 2012
6.29 million viewers (26.6% audience share)
60 minutes

Main Repeats

  • Sat 16th May 2015 (9:00pm, UKTV Drama)
  • Sun 17th May 2015 (7:40pm, UKTV Drama)

Episode 1.6 Cast & Crew

Regular Cast
Derek Jacobi ... Alan
Anne Reid ... Celia
Sarah Lancashire ... Caroline
Nicola Walker ... Gillian
Tony Gardner ... John
Dean Andrews ... Robbie
Josh Bolt ... Raff
Louis Greatorex ... Lawrence
Nina Sosanya ... Kate
Edward Ashley ... William
Sacha Dhawan ... Paul
Guest Cast
Nico Mirallegro ... Young Alan
Amelia Young ... Young Celia
Writing Team
Sally Wainwright ... Writer
Emily Feller ... Script Editor
Kam Odedra ... Script Editor
Production Team
Sam Donovan ... Director
Karen Lewis ... Producer
Nicola Shindler ... Exec Producer
Matthew Read ... Exec Producer
Sally Wainwright ... Exec Producer
Luana Hanson ... Production Design
Murray Gold ... Composer
Richard Cox ... Editor

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