Characters from Headcases. From left to right: Vladimir Putin, President Ahmadinejad, Trevor McDonald, Pete Doherty, Piers Morgan, Victoria Beckham, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, David Beckham, Prince William, Tom Cruise, Prince Harry, Dame Helen Mirren.


A satirical comedy series from former Spitting Image lead writer Henry Naylor. The characters are animated using ground-breaking 3D CGI

CGI Britain (Working Title)
Sketch Show
2008  (ITV)
8 (1 series)
Adam Longworth, Rory Bremner, Dan Skinner, Omid Djalili, Justin Edwards, Tom Hollander, Jess Robinson, Jon Culshaw, Lucy Porter, Lucy Montgomery, Lewis Macleod & more
Andy Riley, Kevin Cecil, Colin Birch, Richard Ward, Carl Carter, Tony Cooke, Kevin Day, Daniel Maier, Ged Parsons, David Quantick, Richie Webb
Red Vision

Each episode of Headcases focuses on topical issues from the week that was, putting a humorous spin on the worlds of celebrity, sport and politics in an attempt to make the audience realise that A-listers are human after all - and perhaps more disgraceful than we could ever imagine.

Our Review: In our eyes Headcases made an above-average entrance into the difficult world of topical satire. Each episode featured at least a couple of great sketches.

The show did have a few flaws though... some of its sketches relied on weak, lazy and old stereotypes; some of the voices didn't sound enough like the real celebrity and, the biggest problem of all, the computer animation made the comedy quite 'cold'. A fair few people have commented on this... although the computer animation is clearly very advanced, it has taken the soul out of the comedy.

Anyway, it was a welcome this successor to Spitting Image and 2DTV and hope it can return for more (there were rumours it would return for a second series with new characters including Sir Alan Sugar and Cheryl Cole, but the new episodes have still yet to materialise).