Full House. Image shows from L to R: Marsha Hatfield (Sabina Franklyn), Diana (Natalie Forbes). Image credit: Thames Television.

Full House

Two young couples, unable to afford a house of their own, decide to share a mortgage and live under the same roof

1985 - 1986  (ITV)
20 (3 series)
Christopher Strauli, Sabina Franklyn, Natalie Forbes, Brian Capron, Diana King
Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke
Thames Television

Paul and Marsha Hatfield have been living with his mother since they got married and they dream of having a house of their own - but they can't afford it. Murray and Diana are unmarried and would like to live in their own home as well but they have the same, frustrating dilemma. When the two couples discuss the situation they decide to pool their resources and buy a house together. The financial partnership seems to have solved both their problems but the living arrangements prove to be less successful as Paul and Murray are total opposites!

Our Review: This comedy had the writers' signature stamped all over it and made it an instant hit with 15 million viewers in its first series. Two mismatched couples whose views, opinions and lifestyles are totally contrasting are forced to share because of the rising cost of buying a house. Despite the comedy being about two couples, the male characters would be the main protagonists and the cause of the disharmony.

Christopher Strauli had risen to prominence with his role as Norman in Only When I Laugh and his soppy mother-dominated character in that comedy was not too dissimilar to Paul in this one. Brian Capron, on the other hand, was the cockney wide-boy, Murray, who had an eye for the ladies and an aversion to work and marriage. The actor would find more lasting fame over a decade later as the evil Richard Hillman in Coronation Street.