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Ricky Gervais has been left stunned after censors gave the Derek DVD an 18 certificate.

Chortle, 8th October 2015

The 53-year-old Office star has said he "might" bring back the show because he loved the main character so much.

Written by Mark Jefferies. The Daily Mirror, 9th April 2015

The finale has even more sex jokes to the point where I began to believe that this show would have been much better without the character Kev.

Anglonerd, 25th February 2015

Netflix viewers will get an extended version of the final moments at Broad Hill Nursing Home on 3rd April, as Gervais's thoughts turn to Life on the Road and Special Correspondents.

Written by Emma Daly. Radio Times, 20th January 2015

Derek hugs on the red carpet? Yes, that could happen.

Written by Emma Daly. Radio Times, 2nd January 2015

Netflix viewers will see an extended version of the final moments at Broad Hill Nursing Home, as Ricky Gervais's thoughts turn to Life on the Road and Special Correspondents.

Written by Emma Daly. Radio Times, 30th December 2014

There are people who defend this mockumentary to the death, egged on by Ricky Gervais on his Twitter account, but it doesn't wash with me. It has amusing moments, but the show's always at its best when Gervais's insufferable Derek Noakes is off-screen. Lord knows why this performance earns Golden Globe nominations in the U.S, because it's a cringe-worthy mix of tic's and cartoonish body language. Derek's finale revolved around the wedding of saintly nursing home worker Hannah (Kerry Godliman) to her underwritten bin man boyfriend, which intersected with the expulsion of gross Kev (David Earl). Wisely, Derek's actual role was largely limited to a fairly sweet date with an unconvincingly adoring woman. One gets the sense Gervais, deep down, knows the multitude of ways this show and his character is flawed (he's not an idiot), but despite the fact the finale's a big improvement from the show's first series, it could never overcome the awkward mix of lowbrow gags and unearned sentimentality.

Dan Owen, Dan's Media Digest, 24th December 2014

Ricky Gervais's inexplicably clunky "thing" about a kind man who works in a nursing home. I can find no comedy in it and it lacks the emotional truth required for a drama. It concluded last night with a 65-minute special featuring a wedding, a baby, an anecdote about a bird with a broken wing and an alcoholic's redemption, all laced with Gervais's emotion-flavoured dialogue that sounds as if it should spring from real feelings but doesn't.

Everyone looked embarrassed except Colin Hoult, one of the few good things in the last ever episode as Jeff, a self-contained side character, criminally underused. On the strength of his two or three lines, you could sense a whole life going on under the surface. It wasn't in the lines but the performance, both understated and totally eye-grabbing. I'd like to see a show called Jeff, but written by someone with less of a tin ear for sentiment.

Julia Raeside, The Guardian, 23rd December 2014

The feel-good aura in Ricky Gervais's comedy drama verged on claustrophobic and was laced with irony.

Written by Ed Power. The Telegraph, 23rd December 2014

It's a strangely low-key ending. Apart from a brilliantly inappropriate speech from Kev it almost all goes off disappointingly smoothly.

Written by Bruce Dessau. Beyond The Joke, 23rd December 2014

If you're already a fan of Derek, there is plenty to enjoy in The Special. It's a downbeat, if cautiously optimistic, ending to a show that has always been preoccupied with life's darker aspects. It may prove too gloomy and peculiar to win Gervais any new fans or to impress his doubters, but that may be the point. After all, he stopped paying attention to popular opinion a long time ago.

Written by Tom Hadfield. On The Box, 22nd December 2014

That's it! Derek and the residents of Broad Hill Care Home have graced our screen for the very last time, and we want your thoughts...

Written by Susanna Lazarus. Radio Times, 22nd December 2014

Ricky Gervais has already hinted that the Derek Christmas special will be the last episode, and the plot of tonight's special certainly seemed to confirm that it is, tying all the plotlines off.

Written by Charlotte Gunnell. Metro, 22nd December 2014

As we get ready to wave goodbye to the lovable care worker, here's what we're hoping for from the last episode.

Written by Alistair McGeorge. The Daily Mirror, 22nd December 2014

Is it really the end for the Channel 4 comedy? Kerry Godliman, Holli Dempsey and Brett Goldstein are all keen to return to Broad Hill Care Home in the future...

Written by Susanna Lazarus. Radio Times, 22nd December 2014

If there's one man who knows how to do a Christmas special, it's Ricky Gervais. And luckily, he's also very good at ending a series.

Written by Elliot Gonzalez. I Talk Telly, 21st December 2014

The Derek and Night at the Museum star says, "for everyone who thinks my face brings joy, someone wants to punch the television, and I think that's an important thing"

Written by James Gill. Radio Times, 20th December 2014

In the Derek Christmas special, the swansong for Ricky Gervais's contentious creation, pregnant Hannah is pushed to the limits of her patience by booze-addled sex case Kev and kicks him out of the home. But when he ends up in hospital, he's told that if he doesn't stop drinking he'll die. For a minute it's almost sad, then it's ruined by a skin-crawlingly sentimental montage. Fans of Derek may paint its detractors as twisted-up cynics, all black inside and incapable of emotion, but it's good riddance to this lazy, mawkish toss.

Ben Arnold, The Guardian, 19th December 2014

From wedding bells to hospital beds, the final episode of Ricky Gervais's Channel 4 comedy offers a fitting farewell to Broad Hill...

Written by Susanna Lazarus. Radio Times, 15th December 2014

Ricky Gervais will sell off the robot dog and Kev's revolting painting after the Christmas special of the Channel 4 comedy.

Radio Times, 13th December 2014

Ricky Gervais's Derek has been mauled by many critics. So why has the actor and writer been nominated for a Golden Globe.

Written by Michael Hogan. The Telegraph, 12th December 2014

Ricky Gervais and the cast of his care home comedy-drama send their season's greetings to users ahead of the final episode of Derek on Channel 4.

Written by Tim Glanfield. Radio Times, 11th December 2014

As Ricky Gervais prepares to bid farewell, he explains why the kindly care home helper will always have a special place in his heart.

Written by Ben Dowell. Radio Times, 4th December 2014

If you haven't heard already the second season of Derek is now available on Netflix and to celebrate Ricky Gervais has shared some seriously special outtakes for you all to enjoy.

Written by Emily Hewett. Metro, 26th June 2014

We had some very obvious attempts at heart-warming that didn't really move very much, partly because the show seems to have been devised by someone of Derek's limited intelligence.

Written by Serena Davies. The Telegraph, 28th May 2014

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