Come Back Mrs. Noah. Mrs Gertrude Noah (Mollie Sugden). Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Come Back Mrs. Noah

It's 2050 and prize-winning housewife Mrs Noah is accidentally launched into orbit while exploring Britain's new space exploration vehicle

1977 - 1978  (BBC One)
6 (pilot + 1 series)
Mollie Sugden, Ian Lavender, Donald Hewlett, Michael Knowles, Tim Barrett, Gorden Kaye, Ann Michelle, Joe Black, Jennifer Lonsdale
Jeremy Lloyd, David Croft
British Broadcasting Corporation

The year is 2050 and the winner of the 'Modern Housewife Cookery Competion', Mrs Gertrude Noah from Pontefract, is being given a tour of Great Britain's new space exploration vehicle, Britannia Seven. Her televised experience comes to an abrupt end when a technical fault accidentally launches the spacecraft into orbit. She is trapped on board with TV reporter Clive Cunliffe, Carstairs & Fanshaw (Technical Staff) and Garstang from Maintenance and Security.

Our Review: A rare 'failure' from the writer/producer who had three very successful series already under his belt in the 1970s (Dad's Army, Are You Being Served? and It Ain't Half Hot Mum). He took a successful ingredient from all three and a glimpse of the future with soon-to-be 'Allo 'Allo! star, Gorden Kaye as a TV presenter of the fictional "Farandwide". The end product was reasonably entertaining but, with a limited lifespan for the storyline, it came to a natural end after one series.