Bottom Knocker Street. Councillor Cowdrey (Phill Jupitus). Image credit: Fubuloo.

Bottom Knocker Street

Childrens' comedy series about four kids who dream of turning a nearby patch of waste ground into a city farm

2013  (ITV)
Phill Jupitus, Tim Bruce, Ellie Ruiz, Connor Cheeseman, Alanna Smith, Marvin Cooke, Angel Galloway, Emily Miller, Niki Felstead, Shala Isis, Russ Evans
Barry Hutchison, Paul Galloway, Richard Watson, Phill Jupitus, Keith Littler

You could say that Lower Mintworth is a British town much like any other. But it isn't. You might say Bottom Knocker Street is a street much like any other. But really it isn't.

Four youngsters face spacemen, rampaging hippos, alien moustaches, demonic ice cream van chimes, and cheese triangles in their daily struggle against... well not all that much really. More than that they face Councillor Cowdrey, who is intent on world domination or, at the very least, a chain of cheese outlets.

Bottom Knocker Street is a surreal and entirely British series which aims to bring the essence of comics such as The Beano and Dandy to the TV screen.