Bottom Knocker Street. Image shows from L to R: Councillor Cowdrey (Phill Jupitus), Colin Cowdrey (Tim Bruce), Dinga (Connor Cheeseman), Bo (Alanna Smith), Lulu (Ellie Ruiz). Copyright: Fubuloo.

Bottom Knocker Street

ITV sitcom. 52 episodes (1 series) in 2013. Stars Phill Jupitus, Tim Bruce, Ellie Ruiz, Connor Cheeseman, Alanna Smith, Marvin Cooke, Angel Galloway and others.

Councillor Cowdrey

Played by: Phill Jupitus

No-one really remembers how Councillor Cowdrey got elected, but presumably skulduggery was involved.


Played by: Ellie Ruiz

If the Bottom Knocker Street kids were likened to body parts, Lulu would be the head.


Played by: Connor Cheeseman

Some people think Dinga is a bit dim, but he's actually just differently intelligent.


Played by: Alanna Smith

Bo is the youngest of the BKS gang but arguably the most intelligent.


Played by: Marvin Cooke

The younger brother of Lulu by just a few minutes, Billy has a heart of gold and a brain that's largely custard.


Played by: Angel Galloway

Not a lot is known about Noola, the elf-like child who lives on a hill.

Myrtle Gringe

Played by: Emily Miller

Myrtle is one of the more unpredictable residents of the street, always happy to lend a hand or offer advice.