Bonjour La Classe. Laurence Didcott (Nigel Planer). Image credit: Talkback Productions.

Bonjour La Classe

Sitcom focussing on Laurence Didcott (Nigel Planer) in his new role as French teacher at the fee-paying and almost anarchic Mansion House school

1993  (BBC One)
6 (1 series)
Nigel Planer, Nicholas Woodeson, Polly Adams, Timothy Bateson, Victoria Carling, Robert Gillespie, David Troughton, Bryan Dick, Rebecca Callard, Daniel Newman, Simeon Pearl
Paul Smith, Terry Kyan
Talkback Productions

Nigel Planer plays Laurence Didcott, new French teacher at London's Mansion House public school. Although undoubtedly and unfalteringly well-intentioned, he is actually rather feckless, and somewhat of a one-man disaster area. His constant unquestioning drive for change and improvement only serves to alienate him somewhat from the other teachers, who have long been resigned to a repetitive daily existence of educational mediocrity!

Our Review: Packed with laughs, Bonjour La Classe is a much forgotten sitcom, and sadly so. Nigel Planer makes a superbly clueless French teacher, and an excellent supporting cast kept the show on its toes.