Bless Me, Father. Father Charles Clement Duddleswell (Arthur Lowe). Image credit: London Weekend Television.

Bless Me, Father

Newly ordained priest Neil Boyd has almost everything he learnt in the seminary thrown out of the window when he joins the eccentric Father Duddleswell in the parish of St. Jude's

1978 - 1981  (ITV)
21 (3 series)
Arthur Lowe, Daniel Abineri, Gabrielle Daye
Peter de Rosa
London Weekend Television

When a newly ordained young priest, Neil Boyd, comes to the parish of St Jude's, he discovers that nothing in the seminary could have prepared him for Father Duddleswell - a robust and cheerful eccentric, who has been the parish priest for 12 years.

Neil is befuddled when Duddleswell insists that as well as the usual virtues of patience, love and charity, a parish priest must have sagacity, and both the reserve and resourcefulness of a poker-player. His confusion increases when Duddleswell and his housekeeper of twenty years start hurling insults at each other...

Our Review: Surprisingly good offering from a late-70s/early-80s ITV period. Broad humour and very entertaining without being patronising or loaded with cheap, overwhelmingly obvious gags. Witty scripts and subtle humour power the show and the eccentricities of its characters.

An unjustly forgotten gem, which we would certainly urge any sitcom fan to try.