Laura Solon: Talking And Not Talking. Laura Solon. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

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  Sun 7th (11pm, Radio 4 Extra)

Laura Solon: Talking And Not Talking

Radio sketch show starring Perrier Award-winning comedian Laura Solon

Talking And Not Talking
Sketch Show
2007 - 2009  (BBC Radio 4)
18 (3 series)
Laura Solon, Ben Moor, Rosie Cavaliero, Ben Willbond, Katherine Parkinson
Laura Solon, Ben Moor, Charlie Miller, Andy Marlatt, Stephen Carlin, Jon Hunter, Holly Walsh, James Sherwood, Katherine Parkinson, Ben Willbond, Carl Cooper
British Broadcasting Corporation

Radio sketch show starring Laura Solon. With virtually no recurring characters each episode is made up from unique bittersweet character monologues and cuttingly modern sketches.

With characters ranging from infuriating call-centre staff, drunk mothers intent on ruining everyone else's Christmas and recently deposed ex-Soviet tyrants trying to settle in the British suburbs, Laura turns the things that most irritate people into sharply observed and occasionally surreal comic gems.

Our Review: An often breathtakingly strong sketch show, Talking And Not Talking is a vehicle for the many talents - and many accents - of Laura Solon, winner of the 2005 Perrier Comedy Award. With a range of monologues, one-liners, and a small band of absurd recurring characters, Laura is supported by Ben Moor and Ben Millbond, as well as Katherine Parkinson (Series 1) and Rosie Cavaliero (Series 2 onwards).

We were relative late-comers to the series, but have loved every minute of it. Characters such as the somewhat antisocial 'Lady from The House' (and China Lion), Welsh call-centre worker Gwynneth, and Olga the tyrant never fail to amuse. But for us, the stand-out character is the excellent Carole Price, a broken, lonely divorcee who never fails to, well, fail, with a constant stream of less-than-brilliant inventions (such as the Cup-a-Meat for people who don't like soup, and the cushion cover cover to protect your cushion covers).

A brilliant series that we hope to see more of.