Heresy. Victoria Coren. Image credit: Avalon Television.


A panel of celebrity guests join Victoria Coren to use their wit and wisdom to argue against narrow-minded thinking and received opinions of the day

Panel Show
2003 - 2013  (BBC Radio 4)
53 (pilot + 9 series)
David Baddiel, Victoria Coren
Victoria Coren, Charlie Skelton, David Baddiel
Avalon Television

A BBC Radio 4 comedy discussion programme which dares to go against received opinions. Hosted by Victoria Coren (previously David Baddiel), Heresy sees a team of highly opinionated panellists use their wit and wisdom to argue against narrow-minded thinking.

The received opinions torn to shreds include topics from the worlds of news, sport, art and popular culture. Previous statements argued against by the panel include: 'Short men look silly with tall wives', 'The Queen is marvelous but all the other Royals are a waste of space' and 'Barbara was the sexy one in The Good Life'.

Our Review: The idea behind this panel show's format is a good one (that guests must try and provide a counter-case to discredit widely held beliefs), however despite the enthusiasm of host Victoria Coren, the format feels like it has run its course now... possibly because some guests take the show far too seriously and forget to deliver some gags too!