How to Be Bohemian. Victoria Coren Mitchell. Copyright: BBC.


BBC Radio 4 panel show challenging received opinions. 65 episodes (pilot + 11 series), 2003 - 2019. Stars David Baddiel and Victoria Coren Mitchell.

Catch-up on Episode 6 on BBC iPlayer Radio   Series 11, Episode 6 is repeated on Radio 4 Extra on Tuesday at 7:30am.

Press Clippings

Time to stop censoring comedy with manufactured outrage

Let's save our outrage for climate catastrophe and the rise of fascism, rather than diverting it into hissy fits about comedians.

Suzanne Harrington, The Irish Examiner, 17th June 2019

Get the cops out of comedy

It is outrageous that the police 'assessed' Jo Brand's battery-acid joke.

Andrew Doyle, Spiked, 17th June 2019

Joke's on us if we wring our hands about Jo Brand

While Jo Brand is pilloried for her unwise battery acid gag the ruinous japes of Farage, Johnson and Co go unpunished, writes Dani Garavelli.

Dani Garavelli, The Scotsman, 16th June 2019

Jo Brand to face no action over acid joke, police say

The Metropolitan Police has said it will take no further action over Jo Brand's comments on a radio show about throwing battery acid at politicians.

BBC, 14th June 2019

Jo Brand and the death of comedy

I have celebrated John Bercow, eulogised Martin McGuinness and urged Spectator readers to vote Labour. So I appreciate I'm on thin ice with a defence of Jo Brand, and since the hefty lefty and I are of similar girth, that metaphor could end badly. Yet the news she is being investigated by police over a joke ought to bring even the most phlegmatic conservative to the barricades. Some things are just wrong, even if Brendan O'Neill is against them too.

Stephen Daisley, The Spectator, 14th June 2019

BBC edits out Jo Brand acid joke from catch-up service

The BBC has removed a Jo Brand joke about throwing acid from its catch-up service after it was suggested that it condoned violence.

BBC, 13th June 2019

Jo Brand battery acid joke being assessed by police

A spokesperson for the Met said: "Police have received an allegation of incitement to violence that was reported to the MPS on 13 June. The allegation relates to comments made on a radio programme. The allegation is currently being assessed. There have been no arrests and inquiries are ongoing."

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 13th June 2019

PM calls on BBC to explain why acid joke was broadcast

Theresa May has called on the BBC to explain why a joke made by Jo Brand about throwing battery acid was broadcast on one of its radio shows.

Sky News, 13th June 2019

BBC defends Jo Brand's battery acid comment

The BBC has defended Jo Brand against claims she incited violence with her comment on Radio 4's Heresy, in regards to her suggestion of throwing battery acid at 'unpleasant characters'.

British Comedy Guide, 12th June 2019

No, Jo Brand is not inciting violence

The Brexit Party should not try to play the PC set at its own censorious game.

Spiked, 12th June 2019