Dead Ringers. Image credit: British Broadcasting Corporation.

Dead Ringers

Satirical impressionist show mocking the great and good, from politicians to those familar voices on Radio 4

2000 - 2016  (BBC Radio 4)
77 (14 series)
Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell, Kevin Connelly, Mark Perry, Duncan Wisbey, Lewis Macleod, Debra Stephenson, Alistair McGowan, Kate Robbins, Simon Lipson
Bill Dare
British Broadcasting Corporation

Dead Ringers is an impressionist show with a satirical bite.

Regular victims in the original series - which starred Jon Culshaw, Jan Ravens, Phil Cornwell, Kevin Connelly and Mark Perry - included Tony Blair, who keeps referring to his physical mannerisms; an almost totally incoherent Robin Cook; and the gaff-strewn speeches of George W. Bush.

As well as mocking politicians, Dead Ringers also makes fun of other Radio 4 programmes and personalities. Regular victims include the cast of The Archers, the (now no-longer running) patronising children's show Go4It, the surprisingly adult adventures of Alan Bennett and Thora Hird, and the most feared man on in the world, the bloodthirsty "Godfather of Radio 4", announcer Brian Perkins.

The episodes also feature a range of hoax calls, most of them involving the voice of the Tom Baker version of Doctor Who.

After 7 years off-air, the show returned in 2014 with a new cast of characters, and new cast members. Now, once again, no one is safe from merciless parody as the show aims to take down every programme, institution and politician you hold dear.