Acropolis Now

It is 408 BC, and there is all kinds of business going on at the Acropolis Fish Restaurant in Ancient Athens

2000 - 2002  (BBC Radio 4)
12 (2 series)
Alan Cox, Stephen Moore, Robert Hardy, Tom George, Rosemary Leach, Rachel Atkins, Imelda Staunton, Gavin Muir
Lynne Truss

408 BC - The Acropolis Fish Restaurant is attended by all who are great and good in Athens. The restaurant is owned by Aristophanes - who wants to become a respected comic playwright and a poet, and Heraclitus - a miserable philosopher who puts Aristophanes in his place. Their mother used to be the Oracle at Delphi who seems to have visions of things to come in the 20th century.

Among the famous clientele include the great philosopher Socrates; his pupil Plato, who will never amount to much; and Xanthippe, Socrates's perverted wife, in that she is heterosexual in a society in which homosexuality is normal. She also has a crush on Plato, but he cannot hand her advances.