Mother's Best Child.

The Bait

A selection of sketches for Channel 4's Sparks strand, made by Mother's Best Child.

Ronald Moger.

Tragic Love Life Tours

3 mins, 24 secs

"We've got the 'Loveless Marriage' with Mike, the 'Mummy Didn't Love Me' tour with Camilla and 'Pissed It All Away Again' with Mike tour."


Image shows from L to R: Annie McGrath, Michael Davies.

Bald Energy

3 mins, 43 secs

An investigative look into the much talked about renewable energy source: 'Bald Energy'.


Image shows from L to R: Mick Wood, Ed Kear.

Street Goss

3 mins, 52 secs

Meet Daz, Olly and Shaznay, the selfless individuals behind Street Goss... the company supplying gossip news to the homeless.


Image shows from L to R: Donna Preston, Ed Kear.

Personality Transplant

4 mins, 7 secs

Meet Ian, the man who received the world's first personality transplant. Truly, a breakthrough in modern science.