Nudinits. Copyright: Woolly Vision.

Christmas 2016

The best festive sketches and short films published online this December...

Rob Deering.

North Pole Funk

1 min, 43 secs

Santa Claus' take on the Mark Ronson / Bruno Mars classic, specially for Christmas.


Star Wars Musical.

Star Wars Christmas Carol

3 mins, 13 secs

Steven Seller says: "Rogue One will be amazing, but the never forget the history of Star Wars: How one man (young George Lucas) created the franchise that changed our childhood, and then another man (old fat George Lucas) took that childhood and buggered it on the big screen before selling out. Coincidence? I think NOT."



Degree - Santa Broke His Sleigh

5 mins, 6 secs

Due to the stress from delivering presents to over 7 billion people in one night every year, Santa has developed a serious drug problem. Santa's addiction to being high has caused him to break his sleigh and now he is forced deliver presents using London's public transport...


The 12 Days of Christmas - A Tale of Avian Misery.

The 12 Days of Christmas - A Tale of Avian Misery

7 mins, 58 secs

In this modern re-telling of The 12 Days Of Christmas by the Anomaly collective, we get to see that the gifting strategy in the famous song is absolute lunacy. "Totally clownshit crazy." How do you cope with such a bizarre onslaught of Christmas generosity? And what do you do when everyone around you seems to have come down with Christmas madness? That's what Phoebe must find out.