Wreck. Jamie (Oscar Kennedy)


  • TV comedy drama
  • BBC Three
  • 2022 - 2024
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

A comedy thriller set on a cruise ship (Series 1) and at a wellness festival (Series 2). Stars Oscar Kennedy, Jodie Tyack, Thaddea Graham, Jack Rowan, Harriet Webb and more.

Key cast & crew credits

Oscar Kennedy Jamie Walsh
Jodie Tyack Pippa Walsh
Thaddea Graham Vivian Lim
Jack Rowan Danny Jones (Series 1)
Harriet Webb Officer Karen Macintyre (Series 1)
Louis Boyer Officer Sam Rhodes (Series 1)
Anthony Rickman Olly Reyes
Amber Grappy Lauren Thompson
Diego Andres Jerome Dupont (Series 1)
Peter Claffey Cormac Kelly
Miya Ocego Rosie Preston
Warren James Dunning Officer T. Beaker (Series 1)
Ramanique Ahluwalia Lily (Series 1)
Alice Nokes Sophia Leigh
Louise Parker Jenny Taylor (Series 1)
Alan Dale Charles Deveraux (Series 2)
Buck Braithwaite Tristan (Series 2)
Orlando Norman Ben (Series 2)
Niamh Walsh Devon Deveraux (Series 2)
Phil Martin The Creep (Series 2)
Writing team
Ryan J Brown Writer (Series 1)
Billy Lyons Script Editor (Series 1)
Production team
Chris Baugh Director (Series 1)
Chris Martin Producer (Series 1)
Noemi Spanos Executive Producer (Series 1)
Tommy Bulfin Executive Producer (Series 1)
Chris Baugh Executive Producer (Series 1)
Adrian Devane Line Producer (Series 1)
Ryan J Brown Associate Producer (Series 1)
Laura Klimke Associate Producer (Series 1)
Brian Philip Davis Editor (Series 1)
John Leslie Production Designer (Series 1)
Louise Kiely Casting Director (Series 1)
Emma O'Loughlin Costume Designer (Series 1)
Veronica Lewis Make-up Designer (Series 1)
Steve Lynch Composer (Series 1)
Lauren Holly Patrick Graphics (Series 1)
Adam Philpott 1st Assistant Director (Series 1)
Piers Wenger Commissioner (Series 1)
Fiona Campbell Commissioner (Series 1)

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