Walk On The Wild Side. Copyright: BBC.

Walk On The Wild Side

CBBC and BBC One sketch show. 25 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 2009 - 2013. Stars Jason Manford, Rhod Gilbert, Harriet Carmichael, Sarah Millican, Steve Edge, Harry Peacock, Isy Suttie and others.

Video Clips

Terry mate

A bird takes a fish for a fly.

From Series 2, Episode 7.

These guys know how to party

Some singing elephants.

From Series 2, Episode 7.

More Talking Animals

A pair of nightclubbing frogs meet a sticky end, two monkeys drink from a cursed lake with terrible consequences, and the three stork tenors go Singin' in the Rain.

From Series 2, Episode 6.

More Talking Animals

Another set of clips from Walk On The Wildside.

From Series 2, Episode 4.

Gooooaaaallll ! Crazy Snake

A football mad mamba snake goes crazy at a Brazil gooooaaaallll!

Series 2 of Walk on the Wildside

Keith the dolphin shows off his special "gift", a goat flips at a festival, two birds go headbanging, and some zebras get the giggles.

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From Series 2, Episode 1.