Waiting For God. Image shows from L to R: Diana Trent (Stephanie Cole), Tom Ballard (Graham Crowden). Copyright: BBC.

Waiting For God

BBC One sitcom about a pair of ageing delinquents in a retirement home. 47 episodes (5 series), 1990 - 1994. Stars Graham Crowden, Stephanie Cole, Daniel Hill, Janine Duvitski and others.

Tom Ballard

AKA: Thomas Edward Ballard.  Played by: Graham Crowden
Waiting For God. Tom Ballard (Graham Crowden). Copyright: BBC.

A jovial old bean, Tom spent 40 years behind a desk in a mundane office job, and developed a keen - and some might say over-active - imagination to keep himself sane. Unfortunately, that habitual predilection for flights of fancy tends to get one pinned as the binary opposite when resident in an OAPs' home!

Diana Trent

Played by: Stephanie Cole
Waiting For God. Diana Trent (Stephanie Cole). Copyright: BBC.

An irrepressible cynic, Diana gets all of her joy in life from being as brutally honest - and hopefully offensive - as possible. Having spent her life trekking the globe as a reconnaisance, wildlife and action photographer, Diana's never managed to find love, family, or particular friendship.

Harvey Bains

AKA: Harvey Nigel Bains.  Played by: Daniel Hill
Waiting For God. Harvey Bains (Daniel Hill). Copyright: BBC.

Unscrupulous, self-centred and uncaring, Harvey's driven by just one thing: money. Or, more specifically, shaving more and more from Bayview's running costs each month in order to maximise profits for the board and shareholders.

Jane Edwards

AKA: Jane Clarissa Laetitia Edwards.  Played by: Janine Duvitski
Waiting For God. Jane Edwards (Janine Duvitski). Copyright: BBC.

Dippy and hopelessly in love with Harvey, Jane's as innocent as she is inept. Unfortunately she's also incredibly sensitive and thoroughly well-meaning.