Tom, Dick And Harriet. Image shows from L to R: Dick (Ian Ogilvy), Tom (Lionel Jeffries), Harriet (Brigit Forsyth). Copyright: Thames Television
Tom, Dick And Harriet

Tom, Dick And Harriet

  • TV sitcom
  • ITV
  • 1982 - 1983
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

Tom Maddison is widowed after 40 years and he is determined to live life to the full now that he has moved to London and moved in with his married son. Stars Lionel Jeffries, Ian Ogilvy and Brigit Forsyth.

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Tom, Dick And Harriet. Tom (Lionel Jeffries). Copyright: Thames Television


AKA: Thomas Maddison.  Played by: Lionel Jeffries

After 40 years of life in Cornwall with a wife who wouldn't let him smoke or drink, Tom has now got the freedom to misbehave. He takes off for London to take the city, and the girls, by storm. But he intends to live the rest of his life outrageously - courtesy of the goodwill of his son Dick and daughter-in-law Harriet who are taking him in.

Tom, Dick And Harriet. Dick (Ian Ogilvy). Copyright: Thames Television


AKA: Richard Maddison.  Played by: Ian Ogilvy

Dick is married to Harriet and has a job in advertising. He is a man of stoic reserve and impeccable manners but, when his father arrives to live with them, his patience is tested to the limit.

Tom, Dick And Harriet. Harriet (Brigit Forsyth). Copyright: Thames Television


AKA: Harriet Maddison.  Played by: Brigit Forsyth

Harriet is happily married to Dick, Tom's son, and has a high-powered job on a women's magazine. A woman of sophisticated tastes, her life with Dick has run like clockwork thus far - until her father-in-law descends upon them and threatens to wreck their lives. How will she be able to cope with a man who leavess toenail clippings in the cereal?!

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