Together. Image shows from L to R: Ellen Baxter (Cara Theobold), Tom (Jonny Sweet). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.


BBC Three sitcom. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2015. Stars Jonny Sweet, Cara Theobold, Alex Macqueen, Vicki Pepperdine, Katy Wix, Sarah Daykin, Tim Key and Jaz Deol.


Played by: Jonny Sweet
Together. Tom (Jonny Sweet). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

26 year-old Tom still lives with his parents. He has a blog and a bike but no job. He hankers after more privacy and independence, but flounders when it comes to achieving either of them.

His ambition is to become Paxman-Meets-Fry - or to win the heart of Ellen Baxter. Preferably both.

Ellen Baxter

Played by: Cara Theobold
Together. Ellen Baxter (Cara Theobold). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

23 year-old Ellen moved to London from Leeds this year and hasn't really settled. She's missing a sense of belonging and is still in touch with her Foster Mum.

Ellen currently rents a room from high-maintenance Hermione, while scraping a living as an artist and life-drawing model.


Played by: Alex Macqueen
Together. Ashley (Alex Macqueen). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Ashley is Tom's Dad. He is an ex-copper who is steeped in nostalgia, anthropology and the mating ritual of molluscs.

Ashley is a sensitive soul with sensitive skin, but he still owns a catapult and a taste for the wild side.


Played by: Vicki Pepperdine
Together. Lesley (Vicki Pepperdine). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Tom's Mum, Lesley, is fiesty, sharp tongued and increasingly intolerant. Bored senseless by her husband's domestic habits, Les is beginning to think that she'd prefer to branch out on her own.

She reckons that the best their marriage can hope for these days is mild disdain. She doesn't expect much from Tom's future.


Barrister.   Played by: Katy Wix
Together. Maeve (Katy Wix). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Tom's older sister and confidante, 29 year-old Maeve is a successful barrister. As Tom's sibling, she feels the right to wade in there with what's meant to be constructive criticism regarding his entire personality and lifestyle.

Maeve is self sufficient in a way that Tom can only dream of. He can't work out how that's happened.


Played by: Sarah Daykin
Together. Hermione (Sarah Daykin). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

The daughter of a property developer, Hermione dabbles as an Estate Agent, though is clearly not strapped for cash.

Spoilt and self-absorbed, she relies on Ellen's company as a means of connecting with the real world.

Hermione has a long-held crush on Ellen's ex, Luke, and a permanent need for attention.


Policeman.   Played by: Tim Key
Together. Joseph (Tim Key). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Joseph is the police officer who is assigned to look into the case of how Ellen came to 'bump' into a van. He later, when she is convicted, supervises her electronic tag curfew.

He's a very laid-back policeman, with a casual chatty demeanour. He also seems slightly gullible.


Played by: Jaz Deol
Together. Luke (Jaz Deol). Copyright: Tiger Aspect Productions.

Ellen's Ex-boyfriend Luke works for the U.N., earns 70K a year and claims to speak half a dozen languages.

Good looking and patronising, with a veneer of charm, Luke is intrigued/offended by the fact that Ellen doesn't to want to date him anymore. He's just too perfect.