The Grimleys

ITV sitcom. 23 episodes (pilot + 3 series), 1997 - 2001. Stars James Bradshaw, Nigel Planer, Ryan Cartwright, Jan Ravens, Corrieann Fletcher, Barbara Keogh, Amanda Holden and others.

The Grimleys - Series One

The Grimleys - Series One

Set in the Black Country in 1975, The Grimleys takes a hilarious and nostalgic look at the realities of growing up in an era when cavernous flares and tight tank tops were the height of credibility, Vauxhall Vivas and big fluffy dice were socially acceptable, and orange wallpaper and outrageous sideburns were culturally desirable.


1. Romeo And Juliet
2. The Road Not Taken
3. The Golden Whistle
4. Something For The Weekend
5. Kung Fu Fighting
6. Survival Of The Fittest

First released: Saturday 12th March 2005

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