The Good Life. Image shows from L to R: Margo Leadbetter (Penelope Keith), Tom Good (Richard Briers), Jerry Leadbetter (Paul Eddington), Barbara Good (Felicity Kendal). Copyright: BBC.

The Good Life

BBC One sitcom about a couple practicing self-sufficiency. 30 episodes (4 series), 1975 - 1978. Stars Richard Briers, Felicity Kendal, Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington.

Series 1, Episode 3 is repeated on Gold tomorrow at 1:40pm.

Series 3

1. The Early Birds

First broadcast: Friday 10th September 1976

After accidentally waking the Leadbetters at an ungodly hour, Tom and Barbara promise future consideration and decide to live their lives by nature's clock while they have so much work to do. However, that soon proves easier said than done.

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2. The Happy Event

First broadcast: Friday 17th September 1976

When Pinky the pig goes into labour in the middle of the night, it's all hands on deck.

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3. A Tug Of The Forelock

First broadcast: Friday 24th September 1976

In order to pay for fuel for their new 'transportation' the Goods offer to work for the Leadbetters as cleaners while theirs are away. The arrangement does not operate smoothly as Margo has no time for the Goods sense of humour during work hours. However after a swift sacking and a drawn out rehiring, things improve.

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4. I Talk To The Trees

First broadcast: Friday 1st October 1976

A fellow gardener inspires Tom and Barbara to conduct some unusual experiments in order to increase the yield of their produce.

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5. The Wind-Break War

First broadcast: Friday 8th October 1976

When Margo is to have a new wind-break erected in her garden that would cast a shadow over the Goods' new fruit patch, Tom and Barbara ask her to move it elsewhere.

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6. Whose Fleas Are These?

First broadcast: Friday 15th October 1976

When the Goods realise their house has been taken over by fleas, they a horrified to think that they have contaminated the Leadbetter household during a recent trip.

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7. The Last Posh Frock

First broadcast: Friday 22nd October 1976

After constantly being treated like one of the lads, the life of self sufficency upsets Barbara who admits to missing feeling like a woman. Tom eventually realises that Barbara gave up more than he did when they traded lives and performs a selfless act to try and help.

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