The Ginge, The Geordie And The Geek. Image shows from L to R: Graeme Rooney, Paul Charlton, Kevin O'Loughlin. Copyright: Yalli Productions / Shed Productions
The Ginge, The Geordie And The Geek

The Ginge, The Geordie And The Geek

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Two
  • 2013
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Sketch show starring the popular live comedy group, comprising of Graeme Rooney, Paul Charlton, Kevin O'Loughlin. Stars Paul Charlton, Kevin O'Loughlin and Graeme Rooney.

Press clippings

Greatest Underrated Comedy of the Previous Decade #1

Sometimes you feel a comedy series deserved more recognition, and in the last decade we had quite a few series that never quite reached their full potential, or, through no fault of their own went under the radar.

Rhianna Evans, The Comedy Blog, 22nd January 2020

I really enjoyed The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek, a rapid-fire sketch show from BBC Scotland that understands the importance of moving on quickly having harvested a laugh. I would place the hit rate around 70% - high for a sketch show - with the other 30% forgiven for no other reason than that the three performers are so likeable.

Harry Venning, The Stage, 4th October 2013

With sketches featuring Riverdance and James Blunt, new sketch show The Ginge, The Geordie And The Geek (BBC Two) was scarcely straining to be intensely topical satire.

And what a blessed relief that was: here was a sketch trio more concerned with getting its jokes right rather than flaunting its cleverness or political correctness in our faces.

There were misses as well as hits but, with their gangster gulls and amorous ventriloquists, Paul Charlton, Kevin O'Loughlin and Graeme Rooney hit the mark, a dash of surreal imagination added to what is, at heart, traditionally crafted comedy.

They like running about in their underpants, which was vaguely mystifying, and a sketch about cracking the female mind code came off as lame. But a couple of dance numbers were inspired. Watch the last three minutes of episode one and if you don't laugh, you're probably dead.

Keith Watson, Metro, 30th September 2013

TV review: The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek

It's difficult to criticise sketch comedy; inherently it is a jumble of ideas thrown at a wall. Some stick and some slop to the floor in a puddle of confused premises and unoriginality.

Scott Barnett, Giggle Beats, 29th September 2013

BBC orders sketch series from The Ginge, The Geordie & The Geek

The BBC has ordered a new TV series starring the popular live sketch group The Ginge, The Geordie & The Geek.

British Comedy Guide, 3rd October 2012

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