The Baby Boomers' Guide To Growing Old. Image shows from L to R: Johnny Ball, Amanda Barrie, Edwina Currie, John Prescott. Copyright: Liberty Bell.

The Baby Boomers' Guide To Growing Old

More4 comedy about growing old. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2017. Stars Amanda Barrie, Johnny Ball, Edwina Currie, Henry Blofeld and others.

Press Clippings

There's no running out of old people, and seemingly no running out of shows that find some fleetingly entertaining formats to feature them (if not exactly to cater for them). In this one, game seventysomethings in the public eye such as Stanley Johnson and Eve Pollard share their thoughts on ageing and get stuck into some fish-out-of-water challenges. Tonight, Eve takes a shift in B&Q, while Amanda Barrie and Kenny Lynch run a B&B.

John Robinson, The Guardian, 27th June 2017

The Baby Boomers' Guide to Growing Old review

Su Pollard's voiceover did try to prepare us. 'Warning!' she growled at the outset of The Baby Boomer's Guide To Getting Old (More4). 'This programme contains old people talking about sex. Get over it!' And she wasn't kidding. Honestly, you'd think the over-70s never think about anything else.

Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail, 14th June 2017

Debut of a new series that claims to illuminate a new demographic phenomenon - the fact that post-65 retirement is now often measured in decades rather than years - but which is mostly a reality show. The conceit is that well-known personages - among them Edwina Currie, Kenny Lynch and Esther Rantzen - will explore different aspects of later life. Tonight, it's love, with Henry Blofeld and Amanda Barrie running a dating agency.

Andrew Mueller, The Guardian, 13th June 2017