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Amazon drops Ten Percent

The star-studded comedy Ten Percent will not return to Amazon Prime Video for a second series.

British Comedy Guide, 10th August 2023

I Talk Telly Awards nominations revealed

Nominations have been announced for the 2022 awards of television news and blog site I Talk Telly.

British Comedy Guide, 13th November 2022

Victoria Coren Mitchell: The English remake of 'Call My Agent!' is a cut above

This week, Victoria has been watching Ten Percent on Amazon Prime Video. Sharp and subtitle-free.

Victoria Coren Mitchell, The Telegraph, 21st May 2022

Ten Percent and fremdschämen

Ten Percent highlights a particularly British form of embarrassment. Here we explore the phenomenon of fremdschämen and why it's such a cornerstone of our culture...

The Independent, 5th May 2022

"It's a lawless place": working in the real life Ten Percent

As English language remake of Call My Agent! launches, a former insider describes what life at a talent agency is really like.

Nadia Khomami, The Guardian, 2nd May 2022

Ten Percent is jammed with stars - but where are the jokes?

Helena Bonham Carter, Dominic West... yet this British Call My Agent! still feels like something got lost in translation.

Camilla Long, The Sunday Times, 1st May 2022

Ten Percent cast interview

You may've heard of Call My Agent! - or Dix Pour Cent - the incredible French comedy about a talent agency scrambling to stay on its feet after its illustrious founder dies suddenly. Well, meet its British adaptation, Ten Percent.

Sam Cleal, BuzzFeed, 1st May 2022

Ten Percent review

I've been dreading the remake of Netflix's Call My Agent! (AKA Dix Pour Cent), the cult French comedy-drama about celebrity mores. Why bother: how could it be as funny, twisted and delicious? However, Ten Percent (Amazon Prime) is a beautifully crafted hoot.

Barbara Ellen, The Observer, 1st May 2022

Sympathy for the Movie Star

Ten Percent, a remake of the popular French series Call My Agent!, is a surprisingly tender ode to acting.

Sophie Gilbert, The Atlantic, 30th April 2022

This week's Big TV: Ten Percent

Nevermind the deja vu - Ten Percent, the UK remake of Call My Agent, is formidable.

Adrian Lobb, The Big Issue, 29th April 2022

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