Sorry!. Timothy Lumsden (Ronnie Corbett). Copyright: BBC


  • TV sitcom
  • BBC One
  • 1981 - 1988
  • 42 episodes (7 series)

Timothy Lumsden, although bright, sharp and witty, is poor (at best) with the fairer sex - he's also stuck living with his cruel, domineering mother. Stars Ronnie Corbett, Barbara Lott, William Moore, Roy Holder, Marguerite Hardiman and more.

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BBC Comedy Sitcom Signature Tunes

There is one element in the sitcom which is overlooked - the signature tune. Evocative 30 second sequences of tightly-composed music which set the tone for the half-hour which follows. Without you realising it, that signature tune embeds itself in your psyche. From now until the end of your life, that tune will be a shortcut to the time when that sitcom made the first and greatest impact on you.

Jon Jacob, BBC Blogs, 2nd September 2016

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