Slaterwood. Peter Slater. Copyright: Channel K.


Channel 4 sketch show. 1 pilot in 2008. Stars Peter Slater, Emily Aston, James Britton, Alison Burrows, Lee Fenwick, David Rees-Talbot, Irfan Nazir and others.

Press Clippings

The writer and performer Peter Slater takes an ordinary situation and pushes it to its ludicrous limits: that means a space-saving product that combines beer, sun cream and ice cream; an American diner run by a cannibal, and a gangster-uncle-baby-siter, with a penchant for Russian Roulette (No need to teach the kid the rules, he'll pick them up as he goes along). Another part of Channel 4's Generation Next season, it is silly nonsense that will make you smile.

The Sunday Times, 17th August 2008