Silly Money. Rory Bremner. Copyright: Vera Productions.

Silly Money

Channel 4 sketch show. 4 episodes (1 series) in 2008. Stars Rory Bremner, John Bird, John Fortune and Lewis Macleod.

Series 1

1. Where Did All The Money Go?

First broadcast: Sunday 2nd November 2008

The satirical four-part look at the global financial system starts with an episode explaining what has gone wrong.


2. The China Syndrome

First broadcast: Sunday 9th November 2008

Where does all the money come from, and what happens if it stops?


3. Till Debt Us Do Part

First broadcast: Sunday 16th November 2008

Rory Bremner asks how we are going to pay the bills in the future.


4. A Modest Proposal

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th November 2008

In this final episode, Rory Bremner looks at the new American President and asks what, if anything, he can do to help stop the credit crunch.