Rex The Runt. Copyright: Aardman Animations
Rex The Runt

Rex The Runt

  • TV sitcom
  • BBC Two
  • 1998 - 2001
  • 26 episodes (2 series)

Claymation sitcom from Aardman Animations. The ten minute episodes revolve around the lives of four dogs - Rex, Bad Bob, Wendy and Vince. Stars Andrew Franks, Colin Rote, Kevin Wrench, Elisabeth Hadley, Steve Box and more.

Press clippings

Rex the Runt, turned out by British claymation studio Aardman, pushes the boundaries of sense instead of taste, warping its 10-minute installments every which way they go.

Centering around the adventures of four plasticine dogs, the show takes advantage of its brief, repetitive format to mix up subject matter with abandon.

The manic energy flags a bit over time, which is to say none of the episodes are quite as mind-bogglingly great as the shorts which preceded them. But it doesn't get much more off-the-wall than this.

Sam Adams, Philadelphia City Paper, 19th September 2002

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