The Revolting World Of Stanley Brown. Stanley (Dean Chapman). Copyright: Retort
The Revolting World Of Stanley Brown

The Revolting World Of Stanley Brown

  • TV sitcom
  • CBBC
  • 2012
  • 13 episodes (1 series)

Science-based kids' sitcom about a naturally inquisitive 12-year-old. Stars Dean Chapman, Sy Thomas, Nell Williams, Louis Demosthenous, Nicola Duffell and more.

Character guide


AKA: Stanley 'Stan' Brown.  Played by: Dean Chapman (as Dean-Charles Chapman)

Stanley is a bright spark, naturally inquisitive and into everything, including comics, gadgets and computer games - but like a typical 13 year-old, he often questions the way something works, only this 13 year old needs to know why something works, which will in turn set up the explorative journey we take in each episode. And the more disgusting something is, the more interested he is.

Stanley is a born leader, always at the centre of his gang of friends, able to look after himself and others. With a natural understanding of appliances he can operate the cooker, washer, dryer, and Mum's various gadgets better than anyone - but Mum had to ban Stanley from taking anything apart after losing count of household gadgets he 'seconded' and 'adapted' for his experiments. Why does he need to know how things work? Can't he just be like his sister Steph and use things without understanding them?

Depending what Archie is up to, Stanley often appears to friends and family to be distracted: daydreaming, inconsiderate, clumsy, talking to himself, forgetful, absent-minded or never where he should be. Stanley really is trying to keep everything normal - while spending as much time as possible with Archie and OLIVIA, that brilliant gadget and source of endless revolting facts, as well as thinking up new experiments to do and fun to have with his new-found friends.

It's lucky that Stanley's lightning-quick brain enables him come up with a solution just in the nick of time, and he'll manage to fix a problem (with science of course) and escape by the skin of his teeth - much to the annoyance of Steph (who would love to see Stanley grounded).

When Stan moved into the new house, he was thrilled to find a shed at the bottom of the garden. Finally somewhere he could set up his own workshop. Unfortunately for him, Jess got there first and used it as HER den before Stanley moved in - now they have to share it. He's also joined by his best mate, the ever-loyal Mike. Together, 'the big three' form a comically formidable team.


Played by: Sy Thomas

Archie is Stanley's great, great, great, great, great, great grandson from the future, here to observe and learn from his ancestor's legendary curiosity and love of disgusting novelty. That trait, in Stanley and his descendants, will eventually bring enormous benefits to the world, like re-usable toilet paper or dishes that clean themselves. He is NOT, he insists, Stanley's imaginary friend, whatever Stanley's Mum thinks.

Archie is Stanley's number one fan and totally in awe of his great ancestor. To Archie, visiting the great Stanley Brown is like visiting a 'young Einstein' in the early years. But the reason he really wants to spend time with Stanley is because Archie is the first in his family not to carry the family brilliance that began with Stanley Brown. Thoughts and ideas bounce round Archie's head constantly, but he can only create problems, not solve them. Archie knows this, and believes that spending time with Stanley will teach him to be a 'proper' Brown, deserving of the family name.

Only Stanley can see or hear Archie, as he uses OLIVIA, his super computer, to keep himself invisible to everyone else - though the chaotic results of Archie's presence are visible for all to see! Archie's flamboyant, witty and energetic, with no social or personal inhibitions. His dress sense and stylish cyber outfit reflect his personality - always bright and over the top!

Using the reality-bending powers of OLIVA, his super computer sidekick, he enables us to see beneath the surface and look at the world in all its close-up gory detail, whether it's in human stomach, down your wind pipe or up a nose! He's on a mission to celebrate the wonders of science with Stanley, and show the rest of us how unique we are through the power of knowledge. Archie often misjudges the impact of his messy science experiments on others, hastily pointing out the positives and never seeing the chaotic negatives, and unfortunately for Stanley, disappearing when he's needed the most...

Archie re-acquaints himself with 'the past', and the primitive antiquated objects in Stanley's home. Like our piecemeal knowledge of the Victorians, Archie has a unique and muddled view of 2012 and our 21st Century - he knows what goes on in a bathroom, for instance, but doesn't know which bit of sanitary ware you use for which bodily function... Archie doesn't fully understand the boundaries of the world he's now living in, providing many comic moments throughout the series.

He arrives in Stanley's life as a time-travelling tourist, intent on spending time with 'The Great Stanley Brown', learning from him how an inquisitive mind can change the world - or at least humiliate your sister. In return, with OLIVIA, Archie promises to show his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddad some really brilliant, disgusting stuff.


AKA: Jessica.  Played by: Nell Williams

Jess refuses to be booted out of her shed by Stanley. She's been using this shed forever - so what if it's in Stanley's garden? Unable to get rid of Jess, Stanley agrees to share the shed with her - much to the annoyance of his best friend Mike, who's terrified of Jess (though he'd never admit it).

Sometimes isolated by her individuality, Jess is unashamedly different. Cunning, deadpan, witty and street-smart, she knows how to use her deceptive strength to come out on top. But she can just as easily floor an opponent with a witty one liner or a nifty move - she likes all martial arts (especially Krav Maga), creepy-crawlies (mainly spiders) and being top dog.

Intrigued by Stanley's creative experiments, as well as his odd behavior (motivated by Archie's presence, though she doesn't know that), she decides to attach herself to Stanley and become his friend - whether he likes it or not.

At first, she regards Mike with pity and scorn, but comes to appreciate his loyalty and gutsiness. She soon forms a solid 'gang of three' with Stanley and Mike, often turning up unannounced in the shed or on Stan's doorstep. She'll step in to help Stanley out when he gets into trouble, and has saved his bacon on more than one occasion. Well someone has to - it's not as if Mike can...


Stanley's best friend. He'll always 'have a go' even though we know he won't be able to fend off the bully or open the pickle jar. It's always cool-under-pressure Jess who'll step in to resolve a physical problem or threat.

But despite his physical limitations, Mike is determined to 'be the best' and become a soldier when he grows up. Mike is considered a weakling but he's got the heart of a lion. His indefatigability and loyalty to his friends are his most endearing qualities. Despite its seeming impossibility, Mike remains focused on his dream of being a soldier someday.


AKA: Steph Brown.  Played by: Nicola Duffell

Ever since Stanley can remember, he's been told to be more like his big sister Steph. She's 'outwardly' well-behaved, a conventional teenager, but behind her mum's back, Steph takes delight in winding Stanley up - now more than ever after they had to move into a smaller place because of him. She learned a valuable skill that Stanley has yet to master: how to manipulate your Mum in order to get what you want! Parents often listen more to their eldest child. As far as Stanley is concerned, Steph annoyingly manages to 'side-step' the rules and take advantage of her first-born status. Now she's a teenager, Steph considers herself a 'grown up' which gives her the right to boss Stanley around. Like typical siblings, Steph and Stanley compete for everything but we'll cheer for Stan in his frequent battles with Steph.

Steph is VERY in touch with her feelings and is a little highly strung. She places her belief in 'alternatives' to the scientific, tried and tested norm, such as crystals, dream interpretation, astrology, the paranormal and loves the 'Twilight saga'. And after all, it's the cool people who are into alternative and new age science, the stuff they don't teach you in school. Her belief in pseudoscience is at odds with Stanley's interest in real science. Steph's at an age when boys are constantly on her mind, especially Daniel, her HOT next-door neighbour...


Played by: Rhyanna Alexander-Davis (as Rhyanna Alexander-Davies)

Daisy is Steph's best friend. Steph doesn't really treat her very well, but Daisy doesn't seem to mind, often causing problems by her misunderstanding of simple instructions. She has a heart of gold and is always eager to please, although her honesty often gets in her in trouble, as she tells Steph things about her appearance that she doesn't want to hear.

Daisy is pure comedy and although not always involved in the main action, her character will always make you laugh out loud.


Played by: Jaques Miché

We won't often see Jess's older brother and nemesis Daniel, but we'll feel his presence through Jess and Steph, who is besotted with her new 'hot' neighbour. Daniel likes to think of himself as Mr Popular, and assumes that others aspire to be just like him. Unlike thick-skinned Jess, he's sensitive, and easily wounded by petty insults, especially if it has anything to do with his appearance.

Daniel is a fickle teenager which is evident in the way he chooses a new passion to follow each week, such as learning the guitar, a new martial art, inline skating or creative writing, he'll follow it with unwavering commitment, which Steph thinks is fantastic. But Daniel soon gets bored (when he realises he's no good at it) and moves onto something new.

The last thing Daniel wants is his weird kid sister hanging around him and cramping his style, nosily reading his diary and telling potential girlfriends about the time he wet the bed after seeing a scary film when he was nine.


AKA: Amanda Brown.  Stanley's Mum.   Played by: Juliet Cowan

Amanda is a hardworking mum, who runs her business selling beauty products door-to-door (a bit like an Avon Lady) and takes pride in her appearance and home. The Browns are like any other family with the normal stresses and strains, but with their new home Amanda is particularly determined to keep this house in order and she goes into overdrive with a list of 'rules' designed to keep everything in check. The move marks a new chapter and a 'fresh start' for the family.

Attractive, and fiercely independent, she has always worked hard to provide for her family - maybe too hard. Amanda's hectic schedule and 'work mode' setting make it difficult for her to relax and enjoy the fruits of her labour.

Amanda's a stickler for punctuality and needs life to run like clockwork, liking her world to be ultra clean and uncluttered. Amanda has her busy life under control through care and attention. She has her system, and it must not break!

Since Dad took the job overseas, Amanda's been leaning heavily on Steph, giving her extra responsibilities to keep an eye on Stanley - who she worries about constantly. She's concerned about Stanley's behaviour - especially whenever she overhears the dreaded word, "Archie". She worries that moving to an unfamiliar new neighbourhood has caused Stanley to start seeing things which aren't there, and she'd much prefer Stanley to be more like Steph - conventional, with teenage friends and 'normal' teenage worries, and that makes her sometimes go easy on Steph and tough on Stanley. But it's for his own good...

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