Raised By Wolves. Image shows from L to R: Germaine Garry (Helen Monks), Della Garry (Rebekah Staton), Aretha Garry (Alexa Davies). Copyright: Big Talk Productions.

Raised By Wolves

Channel 4 sitcom about a poor family growing up on Wolverhampton council estate. 13 episodes (pilot + 2 series), 2013 - 2016. Stars Rebekah Staton, Helen Monks, Alexa Davies, Molly Risker and others.

My Girls

Germaine and Aretha spy Lee topless.

From Series 1, Episode 3. Featuring: Theo Johnson (Callum 1), Brandon Fellows (Callum 2), Helen Monks (Germaine Garry), Alexa Davies (Aretha Garry), Kaine Zajaz (Lee Rhind), Erin Kellyman (Cathy).

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