Pure. Marnie (Charly Clive).


Channel 4 comedy drama about a woman with undiagnosed OCD. 6 episodes (1 series) in 2019. Stars Charly Clive, Anthony Welsh, Niamh Algar, Joe Cole and others.

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Your first experience at a gay club

Marnie has just arrived in London, and she's looking to change her life.

From Series 1, Episode 1. Featuring: Charly Clive (Marnie), Niamh Algar (Amber), Elee Nova (Dafne).

Episode One

Witty, chaotic Marnie has been plagued by disturbing sexual thoughts for as long as she can remember. At the end of her rope, Marnie jumps on a bus to London on a mission to change her life and figure out what is wrong with her. Loose and alone in the big city, she tumbles into the lives of eccentric Shereen, sardonic Amber and charismatic Joe.

From Series 1, Episode 1. Featuring: Charly Clive (Marnie), Anthony Welsh (Joe), Niamh Algar (Amber), Joe Cole (Charlie), Kiran Sonia Sawar (Shereen), Arabella Weir (Ingrid), Ewan Stewart (Mal), Olive Gray (Helen), Gail Mackinnon (Zumba 1), Charlie Mudie (Zumba 2), Harriet Webb (Alison), Georgie Glen (Dr Geary), Elee Nova (Dafne), Munirih Grace (Shula).

Charly Clive discusses how Pure tackles the depiction of OCD

Adapted from Rose Cartwright's own book about her experiences living with Pure O, an obsessional form of OCD, comedy drama Pure tackles taboo subjects with wit and verve. Charly Clive plays Marnie, who moves to London after an incident at her parent's anniversary party and begins to work out who she is.

Clive explains to Toby Earle how Marnie refuses to be determined by intrusive and graphic thoughts, how friends have begun to share their own issues because of this job, and filming in front of a room of nude actors...

From Series 1. Featuring: Charly Clive (Marnie).


Pure is a truthful exploration of one young woman's search for herself and her very real struggle with 'pure O' - an excruciating type of obsessive-compulsive disorder which takes the form of intrusive, and often sexual, thoughts.

From Series 1. Featuring: Charly Clive (Marnie).