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No Signal

No Signal

  • TV sketch show
  • FOX
  • 2009
  • 10 episodes (1 series)

Sketch show satirising the world of multichannel television, from digital channel FX. Stars Paul Bigley, Suanne Braun, Andrew Brooke, Ian Burfield, Ron Cryer and more.

Press clippings

Another episode of the sledgehammer sketch show that parodies the outer reaches of digital TV - and which sets out to be "outrageous" and "offensive", as if these are in themselves goals that comedians should strive for - as it gets near the end of its suicidally long ten-episode run. Expect more pimped wives, insane American cops and semi-nude grandmothers.

Radio Times, 2nd April 2009

No Signal is the latest sketch show inspired by itchy-fingered channel hopping. It plays like a channel season preview on fast forward and, like The Kevin Bishop Show, it's hit and miss. But someone has to turn America's Next Serial Killer into a spin-off series.

Keith Watson, Metro, 13th February 2009

After last week's opening, this inventive, funny, foul-mouthed and obscene collection of TV satires has plenty to live up to. More dark jokes emerge from America's Next Top Serial Killer as the contestants get a lesson in media management. Other items are more pedestrian but deliver periodic loud laughs. Patchy and in poor taste it may be, but this is still worth a look.

Geoff Ellis, Radio Times, 12th February 2009

Yet more good ideas pop up from this dig at the most desperate corners of multichannel TV. Highlights include a cliche-ridden cookery programme that teaches us how to microwave tomato soup and the splendidly vacuous show Street Threesome... yes, it's as pointless as you'd imagine.

Sharon Lougher, Metro, 12th February 2009

If you loved The Kevin Bishop Show on Channel 4 - the one featuring short, sharp clips from lots of spoof TV channels and programmes - you may have liked this identical twin but, like us, would probably have felt it was a lot less successful.

The Custard TV, 7th February 2009

First Night: No Signal on FX

Can homegrown FX show No Signal live up to US imports such as The Wire and Family Guy?

Steve Busfield, The Guardian, 6th February 2009

Spot-on satire of multichannel's outer reaches filled with output you could well believe existed if you clicked high enough on your electronic programme guide. America's Next Serial Killer, Pimp Up My Wife and the Child Minder Channel highlight the comic skills of creators Pete Cain and Louis Bogue, but you do have to forgive their occasional slip from vicious humour into bad taste.

Radio Times, 5th February 2009

Spoony: Pimp My Wife could take off

A new comedy sketch called Pimp My Wife in which husbands submit their wives for plastic surgery may become so popular it turns into a serious makeover show, says its frontman DJ Spoony.

MSN Entertainment, 5th February 2009

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