Naked Video
Naked Video

Naked Video

  • TV sketch show
  • BBC Two
  • 1986 - 1991
  • 30 episodes (5 series)

Scottish sketch show based on the popular radio series, Naked Radio. Stars Gregor Fisher, Andy Gray, Helen Lederer, Tony Roper, Elaine C. Smith and more.

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Key cast & crew credits

Gregor Fisher Ensemble Actor
Andy Gray Ensemble Actor
Helen Lederer Ensemble Actor
Tony Roper Ensemble Actor
Elaine C. Smith Ensemble Actor
Jonathan Watson Ensemble Actor
Ron Bain Ensemble Actor (Series 1-2)
John Sparkes Ensemble Actor (Series 1-3)
Kate Donnelly Ensemble Actor (Series 4)
Louise Beattie Ensemble Actor (Series 5)
Writing team
Ian Pattison Writer
Archie O'Neil Writer (Series 1-3)
John Sparkes Writer (Series 1-3)
Wes Fargo Writer
Bob Black Writer (Series 1-2 & 4-5)
Nick Revell Writer (Series 1)
Niall Clark Writer (Series 1-4)
Laurie Rowley Writer (Series 1-2)
Tex Winchester Writer
Terry Ravenscroft Writer (Series 1 & 3-4)
Helen Lederer Writer (Series 5)
Jim Pullin Writer (Series 1)
David Kind Writer (Series 1-2)
Dix, Gibson, Measures Writer (Series 3-5)
Iain Campbell Writer (Series 4-5)
Tom Cowan Writer (Series 4)
Graeme Davis Writer (Series 4)
Ina Oanly Writer (Series 5)
Graham Weavers Writer (Additional Material) (Series 5)
Philip Differ Script Editor (Series 1-4)
Niall Clark Script Editor (Series 5)
Ian Pattison Script Editor (Series 5)
Production team
Brian Jobson Director (Series 1-2 & 5)
Alex Young Director (Series 2)
Colin Gilbert Director (Series 3-4)
Colin Gilbert Producer
Philip Differ Producer (Series 5)
John MacDonnell Editor (Series 1)
Dave Reynolds (as David Reynolds) Editor (Series 1)
Bill Stephens Editor (Series 1 & 4)
Bill Kirkwood Editor (Series 2)
John McKenzie Editor (Series 2)
Iain Harkness Editor (Series 2-3)
Graham Greenhorn Editor (Series 4-5)
Iain McDonald Production Designer
Pat Campbell Production Designer (Series 1)
Andy Harris Production Designer (Series 1)
Jim Longmuir Production Designer (Series 2 & 4)
Bob Smart Production Designer (Series 4-5)
Elaine Nichols Costume Designer (Series 1)
David Beeton Costume Designer (Series 2 & 5)
Fiona Mathers Costume Designer (Series 3)
Brenda Brown Costume Designer (Series 4)
John I. McNeill Director of Photography (Series 5)
Shelagh Gunn-Taylor Make-up Designer (Series 1-2)
Robert McCann Make-up Designer (Series 3)
Julie Dorrat-Keenan (as Julie K. Dorrat) Make-up Designer (Series 4-5)
David Ogle Lighting Designer (Series 1)
Ron Irvine Lighting Designer (Series 2)
George Ferguson Lighting Designer (Series 2-4)
Alan Henderson Lighting Designer (Series 5)
David McNiven Composer

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