Tom Allen
Just Friends With Tom Allen

Just Friends With Tom Allen

  • TV comedy that was never made
  • 2019

A comic dating show pilot hosted by Tom Allen.

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Tom Allen

Comedian Tom Allen hosts this non-broadcast pilot for a new comedy dating show. Just Friends sees singletons competing to win a hot date and a cash prize by sussing out who's single and who's in a relationship.

Each potential date has come on the show with their 'best friend', who's going to do the big sell and try to persuade the picker that their mate is the one they should date.

So far, so good.

Here's the thing: Two of the potential dates aren't really single - and their 'mates' are actually their partners.

The picker has got to do whatever it takes to try and reveal who the secret couples are.

Packed with plenty of laughs, naughtiness and deliciously awkward moments - you won't be able to stop watching (even if you want to) as you play along with the picker and try to work out who's Just Friends.

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  • Platform Islington

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