Inside George Webley. Image shows from L to R: George Webley (Roy Kinnear), Mr Marigold (Les Dawson). Copyright: Yorkshire Television
Inside George Webley

Inside George Webley

  • TV sitcom
  • ITV1
  • 1968 - 1970
  • 12 episodes (2 series)

George Webley's concerns are everybody's concerns, especially for his long-suffering wife, Rosemary. Stars Roy Kinnear and Patsy Rowlands.

Character guide

Inside George Webley. George Webley (Roy Kinnear). Copyright: Yorkshire Television

George Webley

AKA: George Meredith Webley.  Bank clerk at Meanside and Beestley Savings Bank.   Played by: Roy Kinnear

George Webley is a 40 year old man who is unable to see himself as others do and tends to live a far grander life in his head than he does in reality. He is unaware that he has an inferiority complex and tends to overestimate his ability in order to prove himself.

An obsessive compulsive who wants everything done by the rules and is unable to settle unless he has double-checked everything. If that is not enough, he is also a hypochondriac!

Inside George Webley. Rosemary Webley (Patsy Rowlands). Copyright: Yorkshire Television

Rosemary Webley

Housewife.   Played by: Patsy Rowlands

Rosemary Webley is one of those women who is happy to slot in to her role as a loyal housewife while her husband goes out to work and makes all the decisions. She washes his socks, cooks his food and laughs at his jokes even if she doesn't find them funny.

When George said he wanted a child, she replied that they already have one in their marriage - him! She is prone to having a cold, more often than not, but George rarely notices.

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