Hugh And I. Image shows from L to R: Terry Scott (Terry Scott), Hugh Lloyd (Hugh Lloyd). Copyright: BBC.

Hugh And I

BBC One sitcom about a pompous bachelor and his lodger. 74 episodes (7 series), 1962 - 1968. Stars Terry Scott, Hugh Lloyd, Cyril Smith, Wallas Eaton and others.

Series 2

1. Lost Property

First broadcast: Tuesday 21st May 1963

When Hugh is ejected from the bus home and his luggage thrown after him, he finds himself in possession of an attaché case marked 'C.E.W.', containing £1,000 in notes. Terry sets out to find the true owner and hopes to claim a reward.


2. Trad Fad Lloyd

First broadcast: Tuesday 28th May 1963

Hugh finds that Norma shares his love of jazz, and invites the group with which she performs vocals, the Tooting Trad Type, to practice in the living room whilst Terry and Mrs. Scott are dining with the Wormolds.


3. Wedding Bells

First broadcast: Tuesday 4th June 1963

Terry's cousin, Ivy, is to be married, and her mother, Mavis, has volunteered Terry and his mother to host the reception - without asking first! Things quickly fall apart when Ivy rekindles old feelings for Hugh.


4. April In Paris

First broadcast: Tuesday 11th June 1963

When Hugh's planned night away in the country grinds to a quick halt, he and Terry head to the airport and to Paris for the weekend.


5. Prison Visitor

First broadcast: Tuesday 18th June 1963

Terry declares that he shall become a prison visitor and convince the fallen back to the straight and narrow. He doesn't get off to a good start when his first session results in the prisoner escaping and seeking refuge at their house.


6. The 19th Hole

First broadcast: Tuesday 25th June 1963

Terry's all geared up for his weekly game at the local bowls' club, but when he find that the Crispins have been allowed to join he suddenly gets a hankering for golf.


7. A Turn For The Nurse

First broadcast: Tuesday 2nd July 1963

It's all hands to the deck as mum is laid up with a severe bout of lumbago. After a confusion with the doctor, multiple meals arrive, and both Terry and Hugh take kindly to the district nurse.


8. Where There's A Will

First broadcast: Tuesday 9th July 1963

Aunt Maude, a long-lost family member whom Terry has never even heard of, pays a visit from her home in Australia, and it seems she's got quite a fortune.


9. A Sink Of Iniquity

First broadcast: Tuesday 16th July 1963

Having broken the Crispins' sink whilst trying to do a good deed Terry and Hugh go out and buy a replacement, only for it to be swiftly loaded onto a removal van bound for Leeds!


10. Holding The Baby

First broadcast: Tuesday 23rd July 1963

Terry and Hugh are left caring a baby for the day, but they really haven't a clue what to do.


11. The Root Of All Evil

First broadcast: Tuesday 30th July 1963

When Hugh's struck down with terrible toothache, the whole family and the neighbours get involved. Eventually, Terry manages to drag him to the dentist.


12. A Place In The Sun

First broadcast: Tuesday 6th August 1963

Terry, his mum and Hugh are bickering about where to go on holiday. Hugh likes the familiarity of the small guest-house they visit every year, but Terry's eager to broaden his horizons.


Short Insert: Christmas Night With The Stars

First broadcast: Wednesday 25th December 1963

Short special as part of the annual Christmas Night With The Stars programme.


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Terry Scott is a youngish bachelor who wants to achieve wealth without putting in any hard work. The scheming Terry lives with his mother at 33, Lobelia Avenue in Tooting, London.

They have a simple and easily led lodger, Hugh Lloyd, who works at a local aircraft factory. The two...