Alan Carr pitches spoof spin-off game show from sitcom Changing Ends

Tuesday 6th June 2023, 4:25pm by Jay Richardson

Changing Ends. Present Day Alan (Alan Carr)

Alan Carr is pitching a spin-off ITV game show for his sitcom Changing Ends.

The comic has posted a TikTok video of himself with some of the cast of the period comedy - recounting his life growing up in the 1980s when his father, Graham Carr, was manager of Northampton Town FC - playing a game he's invented called Wig Or No Wig?!

In the tongue-in-cheek clip, Carr walks along a line-up of the actors, asking the viewer to decide whether their retro footballers barnets are wigs or their genuine hair.

Elsewhere on the publicity trail for the ITVX sitcom, the gay comic appeared on Kathy Burke's Where There's A Will There's A Wake podcast, complaining that he was outed by a ouija board.

"It went to spell 'homosexual' in front of me mum" he told Burke. "And I went 'goodbye!' and pulled the glass [away].

"'H-O-M-O ...'

"And my mum went: 'Homer?' I drew it over the thing. A fucking ghost tried to out me! Then it called my mum a slut!

"My mum said: 'You're pushing this!'

"Mum, I say it to your face!" Carr protested.

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